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About Isabella Middleton L.Ac

Isabella Middleton Infertility/General Acupuncturist AtlantaIsabella Middleton is certified by the NCCAOM and is licensed by the Composite State Board of Medical Examiners of GA. Ms Middleton studied Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at the Endeavour College of Natural Health in Australia. She has 20+  years experience and is now practising in Atlanta using acupuncture to treat infertility and other conditions including women's health, musculo-skeletal and neurological disorders.

"As an Acupuncturist, my goal is to not only treat your health issues, but to guide you to optimal health. The stresses and strains of modern life, even in the absence of pain or disease can undermine health and well-being. These stressors affect the balance of hormones and lead to exhaustion, supressed immune system, decreased metabolism and slower cell repair which results in rapid aging and increased risk of degenerative disease. The healing and relaxing effects of acupuncture can counter the effects of stress and restore the balance of body and mind to enable healthy, happy living."


Isabella, thank you to the stars for all you've done to help me live better. Forever grateful , B. P.

This place is gorgeous!! As soon as you walk in you will feel how calm and relaxing it is.  There is always Ginger-lemon tea and cookies in the waiting room. The treatments are very relaxing - after five sessions of acupuncture, my shoulder pain has gone and my anxiety is no longer an issue, I have never felt better ! D.M. Alpharetta

Isabella is amazing. I recently started acupuncture for infertility and convinced my husband to have treatment for back pain and work stress. While I have just had my IVF transfer  and am waiting to have a pregnancy test, her skills have made me feel incredible, being that I am an extremely tense person. My husband was amazed at how great he felt after just one treatment. He was skeptical, but not now! Acupuncture is definitely a highlight of my week and my husband looks forward to each session as well. I highly recommend Isabella !  B. A.

OMG !! We're pregnant!! Thank you so much! B. A.  

I suffered with chronic lower back pain from playing competitive sports for 16 + years. As an avid runner I could no longer run or walk without pain. Acupuncture has not only completely healed my back pain, but also relieved intense nausea during my pregnancy. Treatment is incredibly relaxing and has helped me manage my stress. I continue to recommend Isabella to my friends and family - she is amazing, a true professional and truly cares about her patients. I am so thankful for her and her care! K.L. Atlanta

I just took a test and I'm pregnant. Thanks!! I'm in shock! Three years of trying and just one month of acupuncture did it. You are amazing! E.H.  

Arriving at Isabella Middleton's office has changed my life. Really, changed my life. Let me explain. Sleep issues are almost non-existant (had for 6 + years).  Taste issues are completely healed. I can taste even with a cold ! (could not taste for 3 years). Finally, unbelievably, IBS is GONE (had for 15 years).  The saying "if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't" does not apply once you arrive at her door. And, if this isn't enough, I have learned so much from Isabella about nutrition, relaxation, meditation and loving and caring for myself. I am, and will forever be, grateful to Isabella.           Ann H.

After years of widespread pain plus many other health issues, I finally decided, at my rheumatologists' request to try acupuncture. My Fibromyalgia had begun to take the joy from life and I knew my daily activities were becoming very limited! One of the primary concerns was lack of sleeep, which in turn created countless problems in not having a day free from 'fibro fog' or being so fatigued I chose only to do what was necessary and not what I enjoyed. My first visit with Isabella gave me a great comfort and peace in knowing her knowledge and skills were what I needed! Following my first treatment I was amazed at how my pain was beginning to wane. Plus, my first night of sleep lasted for ten hours! Remarkable! Following my second visit I had a 50% improvement in movement and comfort! This was impossible in the years that Fibromyalgia has overshadowed my life. Isabella is a wealth of information in how one can live a full, healthy and complete life. She looks at the total body encouraging her patients to develop simple habits that can make a big difference in how one feels. Using a more natural healing method in pain management certainly is important for me due to the many side effects I suffer in taking oral medications. Acupuncture is the best idea I've had in caring for my condition, a method I've been eager to try as I looked for the perfect answer in becoming a more productive individual. Isabella is the complete health professional, and one that I'm so thankful to have found! I can say all this after only two visits, the improvements have been very encouraging and truly remarkable! B.Taylor

I was very unsure of how acupuncture could help me and my husband get pregnant, but we were willing to try anything after dealing with infertility for over a year. After my very first visit, I was hooked! Not only did I feel completely relaxed, but could feel positive energy coursing through my body. After a couple of months, I was convinced that acupuncture was really helping. I was better able to deal with stress, I felt calm, and I felt better about myself. I sent my husband for acupuncture as well and sure enough, we got pregnant almost immediately! I truly believe that Isabella was a prime reason why we are now expecting our first baby. Thank you Isabella, you are our miracle worker! - M.B. Marietta

Four months after back surgery, I began experiencing leg/back pain severe enough to make me unable to walk. My doctors could not explain why this was happening, nor could they figure out a remedy. I decided to try acupuncture, a treatment option I had never tried before. To my surprise, after one session, I was walking with much less pain; after about six sessions, I was cured and was able to return to work.Yahoo for acupuncture! - JWO, Marietta

I have experienced migraines for 18 years. I tried prescription medications but still suffered from them and didn't really like taking them. My parents suggested acupuncture and I thought I'd give it a try. It's been such a wonderful experience because my migraines have almost disappeared. I feel more peaceful and love the fact that it is a natural healing experience. I should also mention that I had been suffering from lower jaw pain and had considered jaw surgery. After two treatments Isabella completely eliminated the pain. I am so happy I decided to try acupuncture. I feel so peaceful after receiving acupuncture and highly recommend it. TLM, Alpharetta

I am 48 years old and suffer from arthritis in both knees. I was on pain meds and didn't like taking them so I decided to try acupuncture. After five or six treatments I am pain free and my doctor is amazed and very happy with my blood pressure. I see Isabella every three or four months for one visit. -Deb, Marietta

It's wonderful to get a good night's sleep after months of insomnia. Acupuncture and sound advice from Isabella have helped me tremendously. The treatments are so relaxing. I can definitely recommend acupuncture and this wonderful person. -Janet E.

Diplomas designate the satisfactory completion of training in a particular field but give no clue as to the level of skill the practitioner may actually possess. Without question Isabella Middleton is far more than just an accomplished and respected acupuncturist. Isabella is one of those rare professionals who doesn't just treat and advise people but someone who "walks the walk" personally. She displays a genuine interest in everyone, addressing not only initial complaints but the underlying physical, emotional, and nutritional causes behind the symptoms being expressed. For me, Acupuncture has proven time and again to be the least toxic, non-invasive, and most effective method of recovery from illnesses ranging from pneumonia, gastro-intestinal difficulties, and chronic insomnia, to muscle aches from a spinal abnormality and sports injury, to sinusitis and tooth pain. Acupuncture is nothing short of remarkable when provided in such a calm and reassuring way. From a patient's perspective "bedside manner" is crucial to maintaining one's health, balance and outlook. Isabella's energy and optimism will infuse you with a "can do" spirit which I find vitally important and downright transformative. You no doubt will also. -LM

Last November, I woke up to a pain that felt like an ice pick through the roof of my mouth. I was treated for a sinus infection for 4 months. Still, the pain was unbearable. I went to the dentist who removed a tooth - still, unbearable pain in the face.Then an ear, nose and throat doctor did a cat scan and found nothing unusual. After that, a neurologist sent me for 2 MRI's. They diagnosed Trigeminal neuralgia. I was on medication three times daily, which made the pain a little better, but part of my face was numb. In August, I started acupuncture, I got the feeling back in my face and the pain is gone. Thank goodness I have found relief!! -TJ

I have suffered with migraines since childhood, but seemed to be able to manage them in adulthood. After becoming pregnant, my headaches returned with a vengeance. I was taking medication prescribed by my OB, but as my pregnancy progressed my headaches were becoming more frequent and severe and the medication was not providing relief. A dear friend referred me to Isabella for acupuncture. On the day of my first treatment, I had suffered with a headache for four days straight. I left Isabella's office noticing a marked improvement in my headache and by bedtime that evening my headache was completely gone! I have had two more treatments since and still no headaches. Life is good again thanks to Isabella and acupuncture. -D.S. Roswell

I started acupuncture prior to beginning my second IVF cycle. At 39, I was struggling with infertility and looking for any means to ensure a positive outcome for our fertility treatments. My husband and I got pregnant after one cycle, and I do believe that acupuncture played a role. We had a higher number of eggs at retrieval than expected, which was really key to our success. I don't know exactly how or why acupuncture works, but I'm glad we added it during our battle with infertility. -L M Atlanta

After my second treatment for back pain, I found that I was pain free! That was the first time I was without pain in 14+ years. -Mike R

I'd been wanting to try acupuncture for a while, but the phobia of needles held me back. When I finally called and made my appointment I wondered why I didn't face my fears earlier. There is nothing to be afraid of. Isabella tells you what she's doing every step of the way and I know it's hard to believe, but you almost don't realize the needles are there. For me acupuncture has meant relaxing and freeing myself of stress. I am very grateful to have Isabella helping me find the right pace. -D King

I came to see Isabella for Haglund's syndrome which causes achilles tendonitis. Before acupuncture I was taking maximum doses of pain medication daily. Most days it kept the pain to a dull roar at best. Acupuncture has allowed me to go off pain meds except for the absolute worst of days. I am able to workout whenever I want with no pain or manageable pain. I mentioned to Isabella that I had ear problems that made me dizzy all the time - a problem I'd had for 10 years. In one treatment, my dizziness was remarkably improved and following a second treatment, it's completely gone. Amazing! -Rhonda H